Clear investment focus

We invest in growth potentials

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Capital markets

Significant parts of the Group's portfolio are being directed towards positions in different capital markets.

Primarily, our focus is to identify and invest in well-diversified and highly liquid portfolios, funds or indexes with global or regional focus. We take positions in both stock- and bond markets, and believe the risk/rewards in those markets are attractive for long term exposure.


To an increasing degree, the Group's focus and activity will be related to early stage investments/venture exposure.

The Group wishes to contribute to promising start-up initiatives by ensuring good conditions for further development and value creation, including capital and competence support. The Group and its partners work closely to ensure good assessments of incoming investment proposals, and then provide guidance for further development, capitalization and commercialization of early stage companies with attractive potentials.

Private equity

The JO Odfjell Group experiences a significant deal flow, and from this we see attractive opportunities in companies that can benefit from further professionalization and capitalization.

We contribute directly or with trusted partners to develop such companies with an aim to take profit from realizing greater potentials than the companies are capable to on stand-alone basises.

Real estate

The JO Odfjell Group has taken exposure towards the commercial real estate market, primarily in Norway.

The Group's approach to the real estate market has been to build a portfolio of various asset types at different stages of the risk curve. We have invested in prime located properties, green field properties, value add properties and properties with long lasting lease contracts with attractive counterparties at various locations. We are exposed to a range of property segments, including office buildings, hotel, retail and logistic, and we have a range of private as well as public tenants.


The industrial shipping activity was spun out in 2016, however shipping is still an important investment class for the JO Odfjell Group.

The Group still has ownership in more than 20 vessels, mostly modern chemical- and product tanker vessels, but also crew transfer vessels, cable laying vessels, feeder containerships and platform supply vessels are parts of the shipping portfolio. All vessels are being commercially and technically managed by third parties, as the JO Odfjell Group is now more focused towards ownership management with a clear investment focus. However, through the ownership in JO Shipping AS, the Group ensures continued access to commercial and technical competence and capacity.